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Infertility? Miscarriages? Premature? Sids? Blessings, comfort and strength to you!

Are you having difficulty conceiving?

Do you have an issue that would typically not be ideal for getting pregnant?

Maybe you're just trying to be efficient in your efforts - but regardless of the reason, here we are, right?get pregnant - baby feet image

It seems we all know people that aren't even trying, who get pregnant with no effort at all.

EB was on birth control for years, wasn't feeling well one day and BAM! - pregnant. EB's mother, years before, was on her way to the doctor to get her tubes tied. He told her it'd have to wait until she had the baby she didn't know she was carrying. These are true stories and I'm sure you've heard plenty that are similar.

You've been dreaming of getting pregnant. Experiencing the job of bringing a beautiful little baby into the World and living life in a way that brings a smile to your face just to wake up in the morning. Maybe initially finding a worthy partner was the issue. Maybe the day to day of life got in the way. Perhaps fertility hasn't been abundantly generous yet...

The longer you try to get pregnant, the more advice you'll get - whether you like it or not. From strictly monitoring every aspect of your body to crazy sounding remedies from great, great, great Aunt Gertrude. Hopefully this site will serve you in reducing the clutter and confusion and give you a simple, directed path to help you get pregnant.

Clearly, the easiest way to get pregnant is to have sex - when that fails, in and of itself, it's time to take other things into consideration.

Some generally known and accepted reasons you may not be getting pregnant:

This is a big one and it's almost unavoidable. Stress is everywhere you turn. When you throw the desire to get pregnant into the mix, stress can really skyrocket. Plenty more to be said in the mind section.

Lack of sleep
Sleep deprivation puts additional stresses on the body. With work, regular life, technology and everything grasping for our every available second, it's amazing we sleep at all any more. Without proper sleep, the body and mind are unable to work as efficiently as they are supposed to.

Weight issues
There is a window of 'ideal weight' that is thankfully not determined by the media or magazines. Too low or high above this ideal and your chance of becoming pregnant decreases, even if you are ovulating regularly. More in the body section.

Cycle confusion
Many of us were taught a typical 28 day cycle. Unfortunately, we are human beings and "typical" is a window that gets smaller every year as society realizes our individual needs. Cycles vary in length and every woman is different. I don't want to scare anyone away, but we might need some math for this one.

But, something very important to consider is:

No matter what your situation, don't accept "never" as an answer.

How many things can you think of that are normal today that were once thought "impossible"?

How many stories have you heard where people run marathons that were told they would never walk again after an accident?

How about women who have their own children that were told they'd never give birth?

The truth is, we're constantly continuing to learn the true potential of the human mind, body and spirit.

Simply by aligning a few issues in your life, you greatly improve your chances of reversing fertility issues.
Imagine sending out announcement cards for your new pregnancy in just a few short months...

Even if it's against all odds, learn the easiest methods to get pregnant without harmful drugs or surgery!

Let yours be the next success story!
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